The course involves drawing and visiting iconic and unusual Parisian sites, such as the ancient “passages”: the Passage des Panoramas, Verdeau and others; draw in the Shakespeare cafe; draw from the bridges and gardens of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris; Do watercolors on old bridges, like the Pont Neuf.

The program: Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm, drawing and visits through the streets of Paris.

The course deals with the drawing of nature in different urban scenarios.

  • Particular attention will be paid to the capture of the moment with more or less rapid drawings, looking for the balance between the expression and the looseness of the stroke, and the amount of information or detail included in the drawing.
  • The final objective will be the acquisition of resources for the realization of drawn reports that go a step beyond the mere landscape representation of the city.
  • The objective is the drawing of iconic, historical, or special elements of cities such as Paris and Barcelona


How to make sketches in the city ?

Learning tools: Sketches / watercolor / scenes / characters / markers

 ¿What are we gonna see?

1_ The scenario: The notebook as a medium. The scene, the scenery, the actors, the roles. Information and sensation

2_ The space: Remembering the perspective. Depth and separation of planes. The scenario as a character.

3_ People: Studying anatomy. Movement, visual memory. Faces, hands, emotions. The characters as a scenario.

4_ Graphic resources: Practicing color. Deconstruct and rebuild. Measuring without ruler or pencil Spiral drawing.

5_ The report: The decisive moment. The eloquent framing The history, the one we see and the one we have.


To take any course, sign up by filling in the reservation form and you will receive a confirmation email of your reservation and all the details of the course. The dates will be subject to changes depending on the capacity.


  • Watercolor
    Boli and colored markers
    Contrast watercolor for a sunrise
    Color pencil to study people
    Pencils + pens + watercolor for places and buildings
    Boli and watercolor to mix techniques
    blue or colored pen to portray people

Recommended material

Drawing notebook format A5, with white paper, which holds watery techniques and without spiral, if possible.
. Pencil and eraser.
. Marker tip fine, black, calibrated 0.2, permanent. (Staedtler for paper, Unipin)
. Uni-ball marker White sign
. Watercolor box, maximum 12 colors, with basic colors, brush with water tank, and cloth.
. Watercolor pencils.
. Marker pens and / or colored pens.
. Paper clips
. Folding chair to sit anywhere, the floor can be wet or dirty.

Some brands:

Notebooks with watercolor paper: Moleskine (200g.), Hahnemühle (200g), Fabriano (200g)
Permanent marker: Uni-pin, Micron, Faber-Castell, Staedtler, etc.
Watercolor: Windsor & Newton, Van Gogh, Schmincke.

InstructorDavid Chevalier
Specialized in transportation and product design.
Professional designer, with a focus on automotive design, having worked several years in automotive design companies and especially interiors in companies like Faurecia, Mecaplast, Fuore-design, and Ruecker-Lypsa. Now working as a freelance in broader fields of design. Teacher with 10 years of experience, mainly giving classes of representation techniques in industrial design, interior, transport and Master course of shoe design. David imparts these courses in various design schools in Barcelona as EINA / ELISAVA / IED

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