Introduction and support for the presentation of consumer products 12h

  • Learning tools : Project communication
  • Sketch /  Marker rendering /  Photoshop

The course objective is to introduce and/or strengthen the communication tools of a design project in 4 sessions of 3 hours. Through a course based on the practice of drawing with a simple theoretical basis, we offer a quick , concrete and effective learning experience in 3 stages . First with  freehand sketching exercises we will focus on line stroke and speed  the types of perspectives, line tension, gradients and shading. Second learning techniques will look at marker rendering  trying different kinds of markers. The process is guided by an easy step by step tutorial. We will complete the presentation of  our own product design in Photoshop giving details, texture effects and final colour corrections.

What are we going to see?
  • Sketching Methodology
  • Freehand drawing
  • Object Proportions
  • Cube / 2 point perspective
  • Viewpoints
  • Marker rendering
  • Theory of light and shadow
  • Photoshop for product design
  • Paths / line types / masks
  • Layer arrangement and methodology
  • Details and application of textures


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What are we going to do?


We will do drawing exercises in the field of products to learn to draw clean and quick perspectives of different volumes. Also work on composition within a page and freehand drawing an object in different perspectives as to lose the fear of the blank canvas and be agile in drawing basic volumes. In addition we will move into defining more complex forms, and the theory of light and shadows, both freehand and digitally. The entire process uses the support of our step by step tutorials.



We will look at different style examples, points of view and simple marker rendering techniques. We will search for the most favourable view of our object and identify the perspectives that are more effective to create a strong visual impact . We will see how to apply colour and texture to an object with markers and express the greatest possible realism with quality stroke.

camera_compo becreative


Finally, we will chose the best view to present our design and apply digital tools like Photoshop or Sketchbook to do this. We will practice the process of creating shadows, gradients, line styles and applying textures to give different finishes like metal, chrome, glossy plastics, matte plastics, screens reflections, etc.

CAmera Compo5



InstructorDavid Chevalier
Specialized in transportation and product design.
Professional designer, with a focus on automotive design, having worked several years in automotive design companies and especially interiors in companies like Faurecia, Mecaplast, Fuore-design, and Ruecker-Lypsa. Now working as a freelance in broader fields of design. Teacher with 10 years of experience, mainly giving classes of representation techniques in industrial design, interior, transport and Master course of shoe design. David imparts these courses in various design schools in Barcelona as EINA / ELISAVA / IED
Specializing in transportation and product.
Specializing in transportation design in the last 6 years as a founding partner of 4-id Creative Network. Apart from business roles, Sergio generates design proposals from its embryonic stage, working closely with young designers. Creating ideas going through freehand sketch, marker rendering, digital drawing with Wacom Cintiq to generating volumes in automotive Clay, Class A modelling in Rhino, or other mixed means of representing ideas. He shares his experience in the classroom since 2008 at IED Barcelona, from 2011 in Elisava School of Design and has sporadic collaborations with Parsons School of Design in New York

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