(55H face-to-face classes + 5 hours online tutorials follow-up and feedback)


Short training in object design where you will learn to control all the useful tools to create your projects. You will learn the “learning by doing” and the theoretical and practical knowledge to create innovative objects .

The objective of the training is to learn and control the communication tools of a design project for the realization of their own projects. Through a training based on the practice of drawing based on simple theoretical concepts, we offer a concrete and effective fast learning in several stages. You will see all the design disciplines and we will carry out a complete design project from a drawing through its digital version and ending in a physical model.


Learning tools: Project communication Sketch / Marker Rendering / 3D / Photoshop / Clay model

To take any course, sign up by filling in the reservation form and you will receive a confirmation email of your reservation and all the details of the course. The dates are subject to changes depending on the capacity.

What are we going to do?

SKETCH + Rendering  15h

The objective of the product design course is to publicize and / or reinforce the communication tools of a design project. Through a course based on the practice of drawing based on simple theoretical.

  • Sketch methodology / Freehand drawing / Proportions / Cube
  • 2pt perspectives / views / Rendering Marker
  • Theory of light and shadow / Techniques of markers layered
  • Marker rendering layer



This photoshop course is for designers who want to deepen and learn how to make photoshop renders of design objects from both the product scope and the transport design. The methodology of the course is based on learning a step-by-step progressive methodology to be able to perform any objects and be able to create scenes and render impact for presentations.

  • Types of selections, masks, Use tracings and vector forms
  • Gradients applied to design, Methodology and order of layers applied to design
  • Styles and brush palette, Special layer filters
  • Filters of focus, defocus, transformation and deformation
  • Application of shadow and light levels to represent an object
  • Application of textures and details
  • Post-production channels curves levels



Create in clay a design of a design or transport product determined to learn the design process of clay modeling. From the beginning in foam with the definition of planes to the final design in clay with all the surfaces that represent the model. The objective of the course is to learn how to build a methodology to perform the necessary scale models as well as the understanding of surfaces of a design project in volume at different scales

  • Explanation Package, methodology of model and volume, apply clay in foam
  • Create basic volume – basic surfaces (without radios) Use of Tools
  • Basic and theoretical surfaces, Finishes


3D RHINO + Octane render 10h    

Objective: To learn a methodology for modeling surfaces of objects / vehicles. This methodology is accompanied by learning to observe and analyze objects to identify the main surfaces, radios of style, in summary the surfaces called “Class A”. The final goal will be to be able to pose a 2D design and pass it to 3D without losing the essence of the design.


The training includes the following

  • Pedagogical documents for each class
  • Master classes and practice
  • Becreative material for drawing and model workshop
  • Online tutoring and personalized follow-up
  • The realization of a scale model of your design
  • Learning tools transversal and group design
  • The completion of a complete personal design project for the portfolio
  • Broad Bibliography


  • You will learn “learning by doing” the theoretical and practical knowledge to create new objects.
  • Train the ability to create innovative products, formally and conceptually.
  • Learn to take and justify decisions that affect the result.
  • Develop own methodologies during the design process.
  • Select the optimal methodology for each process.
  • Master the technical language of creating objects
  • Generate 3d volumes that serve to make the relevant changes in the project
  • Use digital modeling tools to communicate ideas and projects and to make technical decisions.
  • Understand and define a briefing as well as its concept
  • Be more agile with the transversal stages of creating a product

InstructorDavid Chevalier
Specialized in transportation and product design.
Professional designer, with a focus on automotive design, having worked several years in automotive design companies and especially interiors in companies like Faurecia, Mecaplast, Fuore-design, and Ruecker-Lypsa. Now working as a freelance in broader fields of design. Teacher with 10 years of experience, mainly giving classes of representation techniques in industrial design, interior, transport and Master course of shoe design. David imparts these courses in various design schools in Barcelona as EINA / ELISAVA / IED
Diseñador especializado en transporte y producto
Especializado en diseño de transporte en los últimos 9 años como socio fundador de 4-id Creative Network. Aparte de los roles empresariales, Sergio genera propuestas de diseño desde su fase mas embrionaria,trabajando codo a codo con jóvenes diseñadores. Dibujo a mano alzada, toques de rotulador básicos, dibujo en Wacom Cintiq o tablet digital, hasta volúmenes en Clay, Class A modeling en Rhino, u otros medio mixtos de representar ideas. Comparte su experiencia en las aulas desde el 2008 en el IED de Barcelona, desde el 2011 en Elisava con colaboraciones puntales con Parsons School of Design en Nueva York.

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